La Bourse & Le Mandelbrot

In La Bourse on September 24, 2009 at 9:44 PM

An interesting image discovery here from yesterday.

La Bourse, meaning the exchange in French, is likely a new term to American ears. In the above graphics, juxtaposed are two images of a bourse approximated: (1) an intra-day image of prices for the U.S. stock market, and (2) an inter-day image of the same variable, i.e., the ^DJI.

Notice the similarity of image?

Evidently Wednesday, in imagined form, represented a metaphor for the entire 2000-2009 period; some how buying and selling whim roughly approximated.

Francois Mandelbrot is likely a new name for you, though he is controversially well-known from an earlier period over the 1980s. Mandelbrot is a French mathematician and econometrician.* He invented the term fractal, derived from fractus, meaning broken in Latin, used to describe a break-through in the field of geometry called fractal geometry.

In this arena, measurement is abstracted to account for more complex, non-linear shapes. Evidently a majority of the natural world is more explained by such “rough” structure.

Here, here and here you can find out more about him and his controversial discovery.

* Philip Causey coined this term, as far as I know.

  1. This is a very interesting find. I love the title in French. I love this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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