MARTA: Step Right Up, Layers of Alluvium at Arts Center in 2011

In Atlanta on November 29, 2011 at 2:40 AM


The Infra Multiplier Neglected,
A Dream Deferred in Syrupy Granite just west of Stone Mountain.
Take Peachtree Street to Colony Square for a Glimpse.

Look closely,
Is that there Roosevelt and al. or Crazy Horse in Full Relief —
Is that the Governor or King in Mid Relief, over there!

Two Dollars and Fifty Cents per Fare,
A One Way Ticket will get you here from Grady Hospital and Woodruff Park.
I believe that was Henry and Robert earlier, etched in Stone Ex Cathedra.

In Public Squalor and Private Opulence,
A Lone Pig Squalors Forth,
Amending Donne, He yelps in Grievance,

“Ask Not Whom the Pig Squalors For, It Squalors for Thou!”


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