King James, Reflections in Kilgore Pond

In Apotheosis on January 10, 2012 at 12:51 AM

Mr. James Jackson Kilgore is kindred and remembered,
In spirit and in flesh,
An influence melded from iron family figures unseen, yet remembered,
Methuselan brethren like Eugene Sanders.

From the Sanders, to the Kilgores,
From the Breedloves, to the Houstons,
From the John Juniors, to the John Seniors,
And Adam and Eve, yet earlier.

Our rows plowed from clay and adamantus,
Working from the Earthly deposits of Stapleton,
And lending and holding for the long-run sake of the family and non-family alike,
As farmers, bankers, aviators and organists.

Hymnal in nature, with the composure of a Cincinnatus by sword,
Energized in nurture, with the Sound and the Fury of a William Faulkner by pen,
We pray and praise, that we may labor and love again,
And laugh, one more time, among ourselves, strangers and the Nazarene.

In the broad brushes of Mary Houston’s paintings,
From the back pews of obscure, long-forgotten John Wesley sermons,
May our shadowy, grey aberrations project forward and provide resolve that,
Our jokes of tomorrow will be our crises of yesterday (H.G. Wells).

May the mud-pies stepped upon and frowned at from our Angelic, pastoral pasts,
Be removed from back heals and relocated with the squirrel to a sufficient outer city limit.
May we love our enemy once more,
By remembering to remove the plank, before removing the speck (Matthew 7:5).

May the morrow of life be sucked dry to the dregs, may the dream explode,
May the family be drawn closer,
May O’ Sleepers wake (Jonah 1:6), and Moby Dick forced underwater a moment longer,
Neither afraid to die, nor afraid to live.

Until then, may the rumors of our death be premature (Mark Twain),
And our enemies be bought and corrected for, and, occasionally, wept for.
As we move calmly together, returning to shore,
From War and Peace, and lightness affirmed and darkness rejected as Legion (Luke 8:30).

May a great uncle be remembered,
And honored by name,
And impressed in the fabric of the wind and the rain,
And in green pastures and those yet greener to come (Psalm 23).

Oh comely,
I will remember what you liked to say.


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