Letter to Atlanta News Outlets Regarding 1 Cent and Sales Tax Language

In Open Letter on August 11, 2012 at 3:04 PM

August 11, 2012

To: 11Alive News; Channel 2 Action News and Fox 5 Atlanta News

Re: 1 Cent and Sales Tax Language

Dear Atlanta News Outlets:

Regarding the T-SPLOST vote on July 31, 2012, please investigate why the actual language presented on the electronic ballot in my precinct happened to read “1 percent” instead of “1 cent” per sale.

If you walk into a store and buy a widget costing 100 dollars, then “1 percent” of that amount yields 1 dollar charged as the sales tax. That amount is much more in per widget terms versus 1 cent charged as the sales tax.

Now multiply this transaction by 5 million Atlanta citizens paying 100 dollars each in a single month and you have a total purchase amount of 500 million dollars yielding a total sales tax of 5 million dollars, i.e., a much different amount versus the same purchases yielding a total sales tax of 50 thousand dollars.

Did other voters recount similar voting surprise in the voting booths? Was there false advertising associated with the marketing of the referendum? The rule of algebra is to be believed in.

I look forward to your response.


James Breedlove

Cc: Georgia’s Secretary of State


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