Letter to WABE 90.1 Radio Regarding Atlanta’s Anchor Tenant

In Open Letter on October 11, 2015 at 4:03 PM

October 11, 2015

Public Broadcasting Atlanta
Atlanta Educational Telecommunications Collaborative, Inc.
740 Bismark Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

Dear WABE,

Please consider doing a story on Atlanta’s own “Kenny Crucial” soon. Kenny is a shoe-in candidate for what makes the Atlanta past and prospective musical landscape great, being a long-time supporter of live music in venues all across Atlanta from Lenny’s to The Earl and beyond. Positioned alongside your other unique articles on what makes Atlanta great, e.g., like the “Black Mecca” article on Atlanta University Center and the personality piece on Baton Bob, but in a more musical vein, this piece would be rewarding for many listeners. I also think you should consider not only doing a piece on him, but also hiring him to DJ for an hour on air or to interview key musical Atlanta figures over a series of episodes. Maybe you could even implant a microphone on him and follow him through a day in the life at the “Corndogorama” local music festival coming up in a few weeks.

If you have not heard of him before then read the Creative Loafing article below from a few years back. He is raising money for a new book right now; thus, I imagine he could use some publicity.


“Of the horse I will say nothing because I know the times.”

Keep up the good work!


James Breedlove


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